Still Here!

I’m still here! We have started a new homeschooling year, and are experiencing great adjustments. Couple that with the fact that I went on an amazing (that’s an understatement) retreat and am still processing those few days and making changes in my life in response to them. In addition, I’m in the middle of knitting the toddler’s sweater and wish her to have it before the weather turns decisively chilly. I have about 80 pictures and post ideas and haven’t had a second to do a thing with them, but it’s coming, I assure you. It’s coming. Enjoy His blessings upon your life today!

New Schoolbooks!

Schoolbooks for three have arrived! What homeschooling mom doesn’t know the joys of opening the boxes of new school materials? (Unschoolers are not allowed to answer that question, however I do envy you!)  I haven’t used this one–Catholic Heritage Curricula– in about 9 years, but it’s probably my favorite one overall. Let the organizing commence!