QOTD: 4.10.19

“Some believe that the history of the Church is marked by structural reforms. I am sure that it is the saints who change history. The structures follow afterwards, and do nothing other than perpetuate the what the saints brought about.

We need saints who dare to see all things through the eyes of faith, who dare to be enlightened by the light of God.”
-Cardinal Sarah

VIDEO: 11.01.18 Morning Musings and All That Jazz — All Saints Day!

Happy All Saints Day! This morning we prayed Divine Office Morning Prayer for All Saints Day, talked about why we celebrate the Feast of All Saints, using the second reading for today’s Office of Readings, and then touched on what veneration of the saints is, and isn’t.  The video opens with a little music; it gives people a little time to join in before I begin the cast, and gives me a chance to wrap up a few things before starting. Podcast starts just before 4:00. Finally, stay tuned to see why Mr. Kermit, sacrificial spouse that he is, will be numbered among all the saints in glory.

Top box is the FB video, which has better audio. Second is the YouTube feed. I may start making YouTube the primary feed, which means that the better audio will be there, and not on Facebook. Just a heads up. I tried downloading the FB video and putting it into iMovie but it’s just not happening–half of the audio doesn’t transfer over and I have no time to figure that issue out! Sorry! So anyways, if you click on “watch on Facebook” (which I recommend–better feed) and it doesn’t work, you have the YouTube feed to watch.





Wisdom from Saint Paul

“Never let evil talk pass your lips; say only the good things men need to hear, things that will really help them. Do nothing that will sadden the Holy Spirit with who you were sealed against the day of redemption. Get rid of all bitterness, all passion and anger, harsh words, slander, and malice of every kind. In place of these, be kind to one another, compassionate, and mutually forgiving, just as God has forgiven you in Christ.” ~St. Paul, Letter to the Ephesians, 4:29-32

VIDEO: 10.19.18 Memorial of North American Martyrs, Morning Musings and Divine Office

*Morning Prayer, Memorial of the North American Martyrs

*Reading from today’s Office of Readings from Saint Isaac Jogues

* Reading and musings on perseverance in living out the duties of our state in life from In Conversation With God’s Thursday of the 28th week in Ordinary Time third reflection.

*Prayer to Overcome Our Principal Fault

*Entrustment of our day to the Blessed Mother

Stretch Out Your Hand

Today, in response to Our Lord in today’s Holy Gospel, I challenge you to stretch out your withered hand: Take action, make an effort, even a small one, towards something which might be difficult for you, but which you know the Lord asks of you, calls you to do. It may even be something you did at one time, but towards which you have slackened  in your efforts or in your zeal, and perhaps have become lukewarm. Lukewarmness will wither your soul! Stretch out your withered hand, and let Jesus’ healing flood your life from your gift of obedience! Do it NOW! Don’t put the Lord’s call off, for we give so little, and He returns a hundredfold for our efforts.