It works!

It’s been years, but I got her up and working! The coaster looks sad up close but that’s ok! We’ll use it! Jo Ann’s had fabric quarters at a hard to beat 70% discount. Bobbin winding was a beast as usual, but we conquered (sort of).


For 19 years we have been going to Sue’s about once a year, sometimes twice. She hosts potlucks at her home, yearly at Veteran’s Day and sometimes at Memorial Day. Kermit used to work with Sue, and with virtually all the other attendees at these potlucks. The children love going, because her property is gorgeous and she has horses. We love chatting with the guests, whose lives we’ve followed for the last two decades. The first time we went to “Sue’s Party,” Margaret was a mere two weeks old, and one of the sweetest pictures we have ever had taken of us was taken there. I took pictures at this last party, for the benefit of my Mom, who has been told so many times that we’re “going to Sue’s” but has no image to associate with that. Enjoy!

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