LIVE Morning Musings & Devotions 11.14.18: Thursday of the 32nd Week in Ordinary Time: Friendship

Good morning! Today is Thursday of the 32nd Week in Ordinary Time. I’m LIVE now with Morning Musings, Devotions and News! We’ll pray Divine Office Morning Prayer and more. Join me on Facebook or YouTube!:

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VIDEO: 10.25.18 Morning Musings & Devotions, with NEWS!

I had way too much fun doing this broadcast this morning.

*Divine Office, Morning Prayer

*News & Non-Earth Shattering Commentary

*More prayer to send us on our way!

Here are the links to the stories I talked about this morning:

Skojec Apology

Satanist Murder-Plotting Middle School Girls

Fake Dead Sea Scrolls At D.C. Bible Museum

Anthony Scaramucci Saves His Marriage

Happier Marriages Come From Virgins Who Wed

Cohabiting Couples Have Greater Risk of Divorce

Prominent Liberals Targeted By Pipe Bombs

Arrest Warrant Issued for St. Oscar Romero’s Murderer

Green Tea Supplements Potentially Caused This Man’s Liver Failure

Ethiopia’s First Female President is Elected

Megyn Kelly Blackface Brou-haha

Super Typhoon Yutu Slams Mariana Islands With 174mph Winds!

Synod’s Final Document is Better than the Working Document (we hope!)

Petition Supporting Clarence Thomas Garners 10X More Signatures Than Opposition

Boston College Oppress Others With Die-In over “Oppression” and “Institutional Passivity”

France Seeks to Repatriate Children of French Jihadis

Children Awaken MUCH Better When Mother’s Voice is Added to Fire Alarm

6 Ways to Get Healthier Without Exercise

RIP Creator of Green Bean Casserole Recipe

Couple Blames Graceland for Ruining Marriage, Needs Catechesis on Suffering

http://NFL Saints Player Benjamin Watson Puts His Money Where His Mouth is for Babies!

Someone Please Evangelize Apple CEO Tim Cook

Yet Another Prediction of Future War with China

ALL Porn Turns Lives Upside Down, Not Just Revenge Porn


VIDEO: 10.22.18 Morning Musings and Devotions, Memorial of Pope Saint John Paul II

Good morning and Happy Monday! Here is the Divine Office, Morning Prayer for the Memorial of Pope St. John Paul II. I’m a bit off my game this morning, so my apologies. All I can say…is that parenthood is hard. I am sure most of you can relate and I need say no more. Still we persevere, we pray, and we move forward in hope, and with confidence that the Lord is writing a special story for each of us, and that all works to the good in His Perfect Plan. God bless you; God keep you; God love you.

Perhaps I shall return later for a Holy Rosary? We shall see…

At least I can find humor in my poor Twitter commenter who said, “It’s good but too much Jesus…” I hadn’t even talked about Jesus much at that point! I think he or she was taking issue with my image of the Sacred Heart. I can only take it as a compliment and say– You can NEVER have too much Jesus, and if you read John 6, I think Our Blessed Lord agrees!

VIDEO: 10.19.18 Memorial of North American Martyrs, Morning Musings and Divine Office

*Morning Prayer, Memorial of the North American Martyrs

*Reading from today’s Office of Readings from Saint Isaac Jogues

* Reading and musings on perseverance in living out the duties of our state in life from In Conversation With God’s Thursday of the 28th week in Ordinary Time third reflection.

*Prayer to Overcome Our Principal Fault

*Entrustment of our day to the Blessed Mother