VIDEO – 11.05.18 Morning Musings, Devotions, & News: In Which the Jesus Picture Actually Stays Put

Today’s morning broadcast was very much a “Monday” sort of event. Thanks to those who tuned in and stuck with me! A reminder– the best audio is going to be on the YouTube feed. The Facebook feed is whatever my phone feels like doing that day.

In this Celestial Musings podcast, we pray the Divine Office Morning Prayer, and cover news, from the hilarious parody, to porn at the University of Notre Dame, and topped off with a touch of sports.

God bless you!

VIDEO: 10.29.18 Morning Musings and Devotions

The Mass readings were so meaty today we didn’t get to news in this broadcast. Maybe later, maybe not at all… But in any case you’ll get a good laugh out of the first two minutes of this video. This is what happens when you’re figuring out You Tube live streaming and your sound isn’t muted…

This morning we prayed Divine Office Morning Prayer for Monday of the 30th week in Ordinary Time, and covered the Mass readings with commentary. The Mass readings were meaty today! We prayed with St. Catherine of Siena, and concluded with our usual morning offerings and prayers of surrender. Enjoy!

VIDEO: 10.26.18 Morning Musings & Devotions

Today was fun! Hope you enjoy! Here is what we did today:

*Divine Office Morning Prayer

*Daily Mass Readings and reflections on “good will” and the effects on our soul when we lose this “good will”

*News & Commentary

What I wanted to do, but which we did not have time for, was a decade of an “intentional rosary,” in which every Hail Mary is prayed for a specific intention. I did not make this Rosary praying technique up; I got it from Sirius Catholic Channel’s Gus Lloyd, who hosts Seize the Day in the mornings. If you haven’t checked him out, give him a listen; he’s a delight to listen to.

Without further ado, here are the links to the news articles I talked about today.

News Links:

Pope: Holiness Comes From Experience of Christ’s Love

Pope: Two Steps to Really Knowing Jesus

Bishop Holley claims his removal was motivated by Cardinal Wuerl’s revenge

Video Catechism Coming

American Version of British Catholic Herald Coming

Abiding Together Podcast

LGBT representation in the media has hit a new high

Jesus Painting Survives Fire

China’s Uighurs rumored to be suffering in concentration camps

Sinead/Magda/Shuhada’ O’Connor/Davitt joins Islam

Pro-life couple fosters 65 children and adopts 4

Ohio abortion clinic regains its license; complaint filed

Typhoon Yutu update

Women in the UK military now allowed in infantry.

Jordanian flash floods kill 20, mostly schoolchildren

Will Saudi King Salman replace Crown Prince MBS?

French derelict father imprisoned

18 Volcanoes now deemed a “very high threat” to United States

Time Warner building declared safe–again

Maine gives tax breaks to those paying off student loans

1774 Rebel newspaper clipping found at Goodwill

Norway Crown Princess diagnosed with fibroid lung condition

Study: Antibiotics trigger gut disorders but fiber reduces symptoms

Antibiotic “Trojan horse” shows promise in treating superbugs

New flu medicine Xofluza

GA toddler paralyzed overnight by mystery polio-like virus

Glyphosate lurking in popular breakfast cereals (especially oat-based)

Costco opening new chicken processing plant to keep up with $4.99 rotisserie chicken demand

7 foods that trigger migraines

Five more years of Dr. Phil

How NOT to approach pregnancy weight gain.

Meg #1: Megyn Kelly is OUT at NBC; $69M contract to be paid in full

Meg #2: Duchess of Sussex Meghan Markle is normal

Man breaks hip walking to buy lottery ticket, enters pool with hospital staff, & WINS!