Right Track

We made it to Mass this morning, and upon returning home, all hell broke loose; “Death By A Thousand Annoyances” I call it. I’ve been through this before. It means I’m on the right track! We’ll be back there again tomorrow.

LIVE Morning Musings & Devotions 11.14.18: Thursday of the 32nd Week in Ordinary Time: Friendship

Good morning! Today is Thursday of the 32nd Week in Ordinary Time. I’m LIVE now with Morning Musings, Devotions and News! We’ll pray Divine Office Morning Prayer and more. Join me on Facebook or YouTube!:

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11.08.18 Morning Musings and Devotions: Fortitude and Patience

You’ll want to skip over the first, oh, eight minutes or so of music! I give people a chance to tune in before I begin, and share the links to the live streams during that time. After Divine Office morning prayer, we cover the most up to date news out of California, regarding the bar shooting.  The meditation on Fortitude and Patience is beautiful, and very appropriate to all those going through heavy trials in their lives right now. Hoping to be back later to do news and another meditation on the cross in our lives. God bless you!

VIDEO: 11.01.18 Morning Musings and All That Jazz — All Saints Day!

Happy All Saints Day! This morning we prayed Divine Office Morning Prayer for All Saints Day, talked about why we celebrate the Feast of All Saints, using the second reading for today’s Office of Readings, and then touched on what veneration of the saints is, and isn’t.  The video opens with a little music; it gives people a little time to join in before I begin the cast, and gives me a chance to wrap up a few things before starting. Podcast starts just before 4:00. Finally, stay tuned to see why Mr. Kermit, sacrificial spouse that he is, will be numbered among all the saints in glory.

Top box is the FB video, which has better audio. Second is the YouTube feed. I may start making YouTube the primary feed, which means that the better audio will be there, and not on Facebook. Just a heads up. I tried downloading the FB video and putting it into iMovie but it’s just not happening–half of the audio doesn’t transfer over and I have no time to figure that issue out! Sorry! So anyways, if you click on “watch on Facebook” (which I recommend–better feed) and it doesn’t work, you have the YouTube feed to watch.