Crafty? Join the Knitters For Quitters Craft-A-Thon From Home on Friday (7/12) and/or Saturday (7/13)!

Spread the word and join in!!

2 days! 2 days! Looking forward to dedicating these 24 hours to crafting gifts for former #abortion clinic workers. Completed projects will go to And Then There Were None and KFQ will also open up a fundraiser for ATTWN to aid them in their ministry of hope and healing to the Quitters. All participants can join in from home, or wherever else they happen to be, and for however long works for their schedule. You don’t have to be a knitter, just a crafty person, because we accept all varieties of handmade gifts, even jewelry and soaps. The goal is twofold: spread the love and appreciation to abortion industry Quitters and help ATTWN’s mission of getting workers out of abortion clinics, and helping them find healing, and financial stability. Please join in if you can, and even if you can’t, share this post and spread the word!

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Here are the details:

Crafters! It’s Here!! Join us for the 2019 Knitters For Quitters Craft-A-Thon!

WHO: Knitters, Crocheters, Sewers, Quilters, Jewelry Makers, Soap Makers, Rosary Makers, Embroiderers, Painters, Artists, Potters, and All Other Generous Crafters!! i.e. YOU!

WHAT: Those participating in this event will choose a span of time within the 24 hour period to spend crafting gifts which will be sent to former abortion industry employees. During this time, through sponsorships and donations, we will be raising money for And Then There Were None to help facilitate their efforts in providing emotional, spiritual, financial, and employment-related assistance to their clients

WHERE: Craft wherever you like, and use your presence on Facebook to spread the word and share the fundraising link. Knitters For Quitters has crafters all around the country! Participate from the comfort of your own home, outdoors, at the mall, a coffee house, or wherever! Even better, get together with friends and choose your own locale.

WHEN: 7:00 p.m., Friday, July 12 – 7:00 p.m., Saturday, July 13

WHY: The pro-life movement has plenty of people working hard for the mothers and babies, but less ministered to are those courageous souls who have abandoned their jobs, their very livelihoods, in the abortion industry. People often come out of abortion work emotionally wounded, spiritually wounded, and in an unstable financial situation. Our goal is to let these souls know the pro-life community cares about them and is appreciative of their efforts to leave the abortion industry. The donations will support the work of And Then There Were None; to learn more about their ministry go to . The handcrafted gifts will end up directly in the hands of the abortion industry Quitters through ATTWN.

1. Visit the Knitters For Quitters Facebook page and sign up to participate in the Craft-A-Thon in the KFQ 2019 Craft-A-Thon sign-up thread which will be pinned to the top of the page.

2. Consider what time you’d like to commit to crafting within the 24 hour period and share the Facebook event link on your Facebook page to let others know you will be participating in the event and whatever other information you wish them to know about your participation—your craft. In sharing the event, you may find others who might like to participate as well, or you may find sponsors. Perhaps you might find some local friends and participate together as a group!

3. When the Craft-A-Thon begins, share the Knitters For Quitters “support a nonprofit” post on Facebook with And Then There Were None listed as the recipient of the donations, and be sure to add your own message to the post, indicating your participation, and directing any generous souls to donate to ATTWN through the KFQ Craft-A-Thon “support a nonprofit” post. If everyone uses this link to donate, we can keep track of the donation amounts.

4. During your crafting time, keep others apprised of your progress! Post live updates either to your Facebook page or to the Craft-A-Thon update thread on the Knitters For Quitters Facebook page. Consider re-sharing the donation page periodically (every several hours, for example) with your updates on how you are progressing, for example: “I’ve been knitting for 6 hours now!” with before and after pictures, or, “3 hours down and two scarves completed!” with accompanying pictures. Another consideration is FB live broadcasts while you craft, especially if you’re crafting with a group of people. Share your live broadcast links to the KFQ Craft-A-Thon update thread so other participants can watch. The more crafter and audience engagement in this event the better. Hint: KFQ is hosting a crafting gathering with friends at a house and we WILL be going Live at some point, at least once!

5. Sponsorships: If you wish to seek sponsors in addition to posting the fundraiser, then you can be sponsored either by hours of crafting or by completed projects. It depends on you and your craft! Regardless, all funds should be donated to ATTWN through the KFQ Craft-A-Thon “support a nonprofit” fundraising link. To be very clear: Knitters For Quitters will not handle any money in this fundraiser; all funds should go directly to ATTWN.

6. Projects: All completed projects, regardless of when they are completed, can be sent to Knitters for Quitters, which will then forward them to And Then There Were None. Contact Knitters For Quitters if you need project suggestions. The goal is to craft items that convey our love and support for former abortion clinic workers. We need shawls for ATTWN phase I healing retreat participants. We need scarves for ATTWN phase II healing retreat participants. We’ll take anything else that someone might appreciate receiving in a care package from ATTWN: socks, bath products, wearable cellphone pouches, crocheted or knitted motifs and trinkets (flowers, hearts, etc), jewelry, fingerless gloves, rosaries, slippers, bags, cup cozies, embroidered items, even childrens’ toys (many of these clinic workers stayed in the industry because they are trying to support their children). These are just a few of the possibilities! Get creative! Any completed Craft-A-Thon projects (whether completed by the end of the Craft-A-Thon or afterwards) can be sent to Knitters For Quitters and we will forward them to And Then There Were None. We only want your lovingly handcrafted gifts for the Quitters!

Please direct any enquiries to Knitters For Quitters.

Meditation on the Feast of the Sacred Heart of Jesus 6.28.19

“I shall simply tell you, as a true friend in the adorable Heart of our Lord Jesus Christ, that when I pray to him for you this thought occurs to me: if you want to live wholly for him and attain that perfection he desires of you, you must make a complete sacrifice of yourself and of all that you have, without reserve, to his Sacred Heart. You must no longer will anything but with the will of this most loving Heart, love nothing except with his love, act only according to the lights he gives you, undertake nothing without first asking his counsel, and help. All the glory must be his. You must thank him for the ill as well as for the good success of your undertakings, always satisfied, never worrying about anything. As long as this divine Heart is satisfied, loved, and glorified, that must be enough for us….

After that you will not regard yourself in any other way than as belonging to and dependent upon the adorable Heart of our Lord Jesus Christ. You must have recourse to it in all your necessities and take up your abode there in so far as you can. He will make up for what is wanting in your imperfect actions and sanctify your good ones if only you conform yourself in everything to his holy will. He has great plans in store for you.”

~St. Margaret Mary Alacoque

QOTD 6.9.19: Feast of Pentecost

“The aim of all those who live in God is to please our Lord Jesus Christ and become reconciled with God the Father through receiving the Holy Spirit, thus securing their salvation, for in this consists the salvation of every soul. If this aim and this activity is lacking, all other labour is useless and all other striving is in vain. Every path of life which does not lead to this is without profit.”

St. Simeon the New Theologian, “Writings from the Philokalia”