Knitters For Quitters

I want to tell you about Knitters For Quitters. We have a Facebook Page Here!

Knitters for Quitters is a small, focused charity venture I am starting to support those leaving their professions in the abortion industry, among other things! Our first goal is to have a shawl for each Quitter attending the And Then There Were None phase I healing retreat in August 2019.

For those who cannot visit the Facebook Page, here is my introduction to Knitters For Quitters from the page: 

We are in the early stages of development, and for the record we love ALL the needle arts, not just knitting! The purpose of Knitters For Quitters is to show support and give encouragement to those who have chosen to leave their jobs in the abortion industry. Often these “Quitters” leave the industry with little support and plenty of emotional wounds which need healing. They seek help and support through Abby Johnson’s ministry And Then There Were None. ATTWN supports these Quitters in many ways, such as financial assistance, access to licensed mental health professionals, employment assistance and healing retreats.

My best friend has worked with ATTWN for years, and as with most anybody who believes in a good cause but has little to no means or training to offer much, I asked myself how I could support these (mostly) ladies who are seeking a brighter future outside of the abortion industry. What can I do? I can knit and crochet.

Now prayer shawl ministries are all over the place, and often the recipients of them are in hospitals, or go to certain churches, but who is sending a good “fibery hug” to the scared, brave, courageous souls who have chosen to make their employment in abortion clinics a thing of the past? That’s what we do.


Each year, ATTWN offers healing retreats to these women who have left the abortion industry. This healing is desperately needed, and often requires plenty of time and multiple healing retreats in different stages. The primary purpose of Knitters for Quitters is to provide shawls to the women-the Quitters- on these healing retreats. We also seek to fundraise for ATTWN by hosting “athon” fundraisers– Knitathons, Crochetathons, whatever our supporters wish to do. The garments knitted will go to the Quitters, and the money raised to ATTWN.

The secondary purpose of Knitters For Quitters is to handcraft anything that might be considered a small thought, a little gift, as an uplifter for a Quitter who is having a rough week, or rough time in general. These women need to know that they aren’t alone.

Lastly, I am exploring ways to help others in the pro-life movement recognize the healing and fulfillment that the fiber arts can bring to our souls. We all need to engage in a little–or a lot of, depending on circumstances– self-care. The joys of learning new skills, and creating beautiful items truly can bring joy to the heart and lift one’s spirits. Yarncrafting gives us a small feeling of control in our lives, and a healthy pride in the work of our hands.

How can you support? Spread the word! There are many pro-life yarn crafters out there who might like to show their love to a Quitter and donate a shawl. If you like the idea and wish you could make something but cannot, you can donate yarn to the cause. Perhaps we could start a KFQ group on Facebook to hook up yarn donors with yarn crafters of limited means, as well as share pattern links, pictures of our projects, and so on. This venture could be small–or the members can help grow it.

As I said, we’re in early planning stages here. I just wanted to post an introduction and give you some idea of the mission of Knitters for Quitters. I’m open to your ideas as well. Please remember to keep the Quitters in your prayers, and those serving them. They, too, have dignity and their lives matter as well. If there are no more abortion workers, then there will be no more abortion.

If you like what you’ve read here, share this post, like the Facebook Page, and spread the word! I have an email as well: .


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