First Holy Communion #8

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I simply cannot believe we have done this eight times, but we have, and in four years we’ll be doing it for the ninth, and final, time.

Gil had a wonderful day and his First Communion was made even more memorable by the fact that he received during the parish’s monthly Extraordinary Form (Latin) Mass! This was the first time we have been able to sit with our first communicant and each family went forward and received together. He truly was on cloud nine, and in true eight year old fashion remarked to me that the host tastes like a rice cake. Here are some pictures from the day…


I was told Father H wanted to speak to me in the sacristy, so we went up there, and who did we meet? Big brothers!

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It took a little while for Mass to start…


Afterward, we tried getting a good picture of all the children (getting one of all of us wasn’t going to happen, unfortunately) but Ada had just figured out that she wasn’t going downstairs to the parish hall for her weekly donut (we didn’t bring the gluten free donut with us this week), and she was quite displeased. So we have her gradual meltdown and mutiny captured for you here… #wetried

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And finally we have this young man… He is really enjoying his donut and coffee, 48 HOURS after having 4 wisdom teeth cut out of his mouth! He took good care of himself after his surgery so he could be well enough to MC his little brother’s First Communion Mass. I tell you these boys make my heart burst.


The young boy wanted a chocolate mint cake, so I got the Pamela’s GF cake mix (it’s the best!) and some York peppermint patties to throw into the batter. It came out delicious. I did have to bake it extra-long, and, well, in testing it made a big hole in the center of the cake. So, we covered it up…with another peppermint patty…that I coated in confectioners sugar…so it could be white like a host…because I’m lame like that.

We had three different flavors of non-dairy ice cream and vanilla from Costco. It was all scrumptious, and between lunch and dessert, we didn’t eat the rest of the day!

Each of our First Communicants have received the same gifts for their First Holy Communion. They get their rosary from Mom and Dad, their inscribed Holy Bible from their Godparents, and their beautiful copy of “Our Family Prayer Book” from their grandparents. The prayer book is not a children’s book, and will carry them through their entire lives. Gil is the first one to get to choose his rosary, and I love both the detailing on the back of the crucifix, and the addition of the Miraculous Medal.

And so another First Holy Communion has come and gone, and we are so grateful to be one step closer to being able to receive Our Lord as a complete family. Gilbert has such a sweet, pious little soul; we pray that receiving Our Lord will draw him into a closer relationship with Jesus and continue to preserve him in his Faith.

God bless you!

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