Ada’s Easter Dress 2019: The Decision

I only have a minute to post here. I was hoping to swatch up this yarn before going to bed. So…we have a decision! And it’s none of the dresses I asked you to vote upon!! Sorry! 😂

I was going to go with the Soli, but upon swatching the Butta yarn, it felt…hot. Too hot for a summer dress. Butta has to wait to become a fall/winter sweater, or winter dress. I can’t believe it’s not Butta! Hah!

So that eliminated Soli, because the other patterns were in DK yarn. I started having concerns about how the acrylic yarn would hold heat, so I thought I’d wait on doing the Harlequin dress, but I have bought the 4th color for it….not white, but….a soft lilac purple.

The size of the Honey dress was prohibitive at this point, and the other dress might have been hot going up to her neck. That left me with….nothing. I started searching again, and I found…

Little Summer Dress by Marjolein Thunnissen

It was made in a cotton blend yarn, and so I thought I would do well to do that as well. I therefore did my research on what the local big box stores carried (sorry, after the experience with the last dress, I’d better not fork out the big bucks at the LYS for this one!) and headed out to JoAnn’s, Ada in tow.

I first grabbed the fourth yarn for the Harlequin dress–Ada chose purple and I chose the hue. Then I laid out about 8 colors of the Bernat Soft Baby Cotton for her to choose from. I was going to do one of those with a hempish brown color for the hem, collarbone, and sleeve cuffs. She eyed the bins and noticed I left one of the solid colors out.
She wanted none of the 8 I picked, and instead reached up and grabbed the one color I left on the shelf because I thought it a bit garish: bright, bright yellow. We put it in the lineup, and I asked which she wanted. The yellow. I switched all the colors around and asked again. The yellow, and she hugged it and pressed it to her face. There was no getting around it. I grabbed the slightly off-white white yarn to take the place of the hempish brown toned yarn, and we moved on to the embroidery thread for the flowers. I picked light and medium toned purple for the flowers.


I’m excited! She is really excited! After this dress I will be making both the Beach and the Harlequin in a Hurry dresses. That should leave her set for the summer, don’t you think? Even if Harlequin proves hot, you can put a long sleeve shirt under it and it’ll carry into the fall. I will need to choose a yarn for the beach dress… that should be an interesting choice.

I’ll be posting updates over the next several weeks. Stay tuned!

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