Vote: Ada’s Easter Dress!

I love knitting for little ones. I wasn’t able to do it for most of my childbearing years…but I have been much more able to get the job done for Ada, probably because the other children are so much older and are capable of doing more for themselves and helping out.

When Ada was one, I made her an Easter dress with a coordinating sweater. The dress was knitted, and the sweater crocheted. Surely pictures of this exist somewhere, but I don’t know where (probably on Facebook.)

(Mad searching ensues… Oh look what I found!)


It was quite funny, because you see, she hated it. She barely wore the sweater at all, and the dressed she tugged at most of the time wanting it off! She never did this with other clothes…just the one outfit I had made for her. Silly girl! So the Easter dress debacle became something of a running joke, and I didn’t go through that effort again the next year. Since then, she seems to like the things that Mommy makes her, and I want to try making her another Easter dress. I have a couple of yarn options. Whatever I don’t use to make an Easter dress will make something else–

a summer dress, such as this one favored by her Daddy…


or little unmentionables and a top…



Now back to the issue at hand: Ada’s Easter Dress, 2019 Edition.

I have two options for the yarn, which you should keep in mind when you look at the patterns.




I had originally bought these three to make her Easter outfit…









Yesterday I saw Lion Brand’s “Feels Like Butta” yarn at Michael’s, and sure enough, it feels amazing. The colors were so sweet, and at over 500 yards in a skein, was well worth the cost. It also gives me a 100% polyester yarn that I can swatch and use for the intro to yarn class I’m designing. I restrained myself and didn’t get the pastel purple (Lilac)…yet…but am willing to get it if a third color is called for. This is what I got, Lemon and Pale Grey:



And here are the pattern contenders:

The first three are by Anna & Heidi Pickles:

  1. The Harlequin in a Hurry Dress



2. The Honey Dress



3. Pretty Pleated Dress



The last is by Karen Semo:

4. Soli



So those are the four dresses: Harlequin, Honey, Pleated, Soli.

And two color schemes: Bernat, Butta.

[If I had to add a fourth color to the Bernat set (one of these dresses has 4 colors), it would be white. If I had to add more to the Butta set, it would be Lilac (pastel purple) and either another pastel (blue, green, or pink) or white. ]


So now it’s YOUR turn! Which dress do you like? And which color scheme? Tell me what you think in the comments here, or on the Celestial Musings Facebook page! I’ll let you know what it’s going to be when I’ve made a decision, and that should be within the week as Easter is less than a month away! Thanks in advance for your input!

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