11.07.18 SOTD: St. Willibrord

Born in 658 in Northumbria, Willibrord was known as the Apostle to the Frisians in what is now the Netherlands. He was the son of a Northumbrian Saxon who, being converted to Christianity, gave Willibrord to the Abbey of Ripon as an oblate and became a hermit. Influenced by Saint Wilfrid, Bishop of York, Willibrord joined the Benedictines and was stationed at an abbey in Ireland. He would later be sent to convert the pagan Frisians, and traveled to Rome to receive the blessing of the Pope or his mission. On his next trip to Rome he would be ordained the first Bishop of Utrecht. He founded the Abbey of Echternacht in 698, but was later forced to flee Frisia when, after the death of Pepin of Heristal, Radbod, the pagan Frisian king, regained possession of Frisia. Willibrord escaped martyrdom, unlike many missionaries, and returned to Frisia after Radbod died, being joined by St. Boniface, who would later be martyred by the Frisians. Willibrord died in 739 and is the patron saint of those with nervous diseases like convulsions and epilepsy. St. Willibrord, pray for us!

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