UPDATE: One Peter Five/Steve Skojec Apology

One Peter Five founder Steve Skojec has issued an apology after having reconsidered his decision to publish an article which gives readers the impression that the Holy Father Pope Francis delivered a last minute announcement about a new Mass liturgy which would be celebrated at the end of the Synod on the Youth. It is well worth a read. Apology accepted. This right here told me that he “gets it” :

“And now, having considered a lot of opinions on the matter on both sides, I’ve come to the conclusion that whatever its merits as a rhetorical exercise, running the piece — particularly at this time when people are so on edge about what is happening in Rome — was a mistake.”

Well. We all make them. Steve Skojec exhibited more respectability and courage today than many of his followers, who unrelentingly continue their ad hominem attacks against those who do not fall into lockstep with them.

This is where I bite my tongue, lest I engage in the same, and ask you to join in my prayers from this morning’s video. I prayed a decade of the Holy Rosary (3rd Glorious Mystery), and prayers to the Holy Spirit for Charity and Unity. I may not have outright indicated my reasoning for it, but it was for this:

The Devil loves division. There are many who are relishing engaging with others in a divisive, negative way, especially when they are convicted that their side, their ways, their views are the only ones. Our Blessed Lord prayed for unity. Last time I checked, there is nothing in traditional Catholicism which advocates arrogantly belittling others. Hang it up, and let’s not forget we all have a common enemy, and it’s not each other. It’s Satan, and he’s laughing.

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