Neither “Sinead O’Connor” Nor Catholic Any Longer

The Irish Post is reporting that Magda Davitt,  a.k.a. The Artist Formerly Known As Sinead O’Connor,  has announced via Twitter that she thinks she has left Catholicism and is converting to Islam. The day she got “ordained” a Catholic “priest” (but not really) she excommunicated herself. Anyhoo…she has now adopted a new belief system and is, once again, renaming herself. Take a look for yourself.

From the Irish Post:


Welp. Call me an unintelligent theologian; I just don’t see it, and I never will. Let us pray for Ms. Sinead/Magda/Shuhada’ O’Connor/Davitt. I haven’t followed her too closely, but enough to know she is mentally unstable and has very deep childhood wounds and traumas that have shaped the woman she has become . See the video below from her September 2017 appearance on the Dr. Phil Show if you are looking for an example, but be warned it’s not an easy listen.

I pray she returns to the faith of her childhood sooner, rather than later, and that she can find true healing in the Blood of Jesus, and a true and good mother in the Blessed Virgin Mary.


My Jesus, mercy!

God love and keep you.

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