SLANDER ALERT: Pope Francis is NOT Celebrating a New Rite of the Mass at the End of the Synod

The Article In Question: Shock: Pope to Celebrate New Rite of Mass at Closing of Youth Synod

I denounce Steve Skojec, and consequently his blog “One Peter Five” for their lack of respect and integrity in spreading around this misleading, emotionally manipulative swill. If ever you were looking for that “last straw” to stop following his nonsense forever, you may just have it here.

I’m just going to give it to you straight, because I enjoy dealing in TRUTH: Pope Francis is doing no such thing. This piece of swill is nothing but yet another Novus Ordo Bashfest.

Those who participated in the writing and spreading of this work without giving warning of the misleading nature of its contents ought to be ashamed for intentionally spreading confusion and manipulating the emotions of people who are already experiencing concerns regarding the current occupant of St. Peter’s Chair.

It’s not enough that they will harp on the Holy Father if he breathes out the wrong nostril, but now they are propagating blatantly false, clickbait headlines that some will see and assume to be true, and will share without realizing the true nature of the article.

And Skojec is happy about this! Tread lightly, Mr. Skojec. I believe your actions fall under the category of…


You do your cause no favors when you behave in this manner, however you do manage to lay bare the arrogant thoughts of those who lap up your every word as Gospel Truth.

By their fruits, you shall know them. Pope Saint Paul VI, pray for us!


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