Shopping With Kermit

The 19 y.o. has requested honey. Anything but raw honey hurts her throat, and I prefer raw honey. Costco sells two brands: Kirkland Signature and Nature Nate’s. For years we’ve gotten Nature Nate’s but last time around I got the Kirkland Signature. I’m not sure if I noticed a difference in them or not as I don’t use honey often. The children love to add tea to their honey honey to their tea.

So I’m at Costco with my Sweetheart of 22 years,  evaluating which brand of honey I want gracing our shelves at home. Here is Kirkland Signature: less per pound than Nates…but Nates is unfiltered, and if I’m going to make elderberry syrup with it, I might prefer to do it with unfiltered honey. Frankly, I’d love to do it with Manuka honey, but I’m not made of gold.


So I say to Kermit, “I don’t know which one I want to get. This one here (Kirkland) is cheaper per pound, but this one over here is unfiltered.”

“You mean, they processed it less, so they get to charge more for it?”

“Um. Yes. But LOOK. See right here (see bottle below)…Nate thanks God for allowing them to serve us and our family. Now I feel bad if I don’t support Nate.”


Kermit says, “Yes. But your children will be thanking God that they have food.”


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