From the Daily Mail: A third of young people back polygamy and a quarter want to see marriages allow people to ‘upgrade’ to a new partner, major poll finds

This is what you get when you reduce marriage to a contract, devoid of the sacred, the holy. This is what you get when you separate sex from marriage, and babies from sex. The notion of “upgrading” a partner like one might upgrade a cellphone is repugnant. It reduces people to objects of selfish pleasure, using others for what they can do for you, and when they no longer perform “to standard,” it’s time for an upgrade.

This is the selfishness which is a cancer on our modern culture. Young people need to know that there is a beautiful plan for marriage which doesn’t leave them feeling like potentially discardable objects, subject to getting “the boot” when their newness wears off. Young men and women need to know that they are precious and worth being loved and cherished in a lifetime commitment, that they are capable of doing the same, and that this plan, God’s plan, can bring a deep joy and fulfillment that modern culture’s notions of “happiness” and “love”  cannot touch. 

My generation has a lot to answer for.  A lot.