Truth: The Last Word

Veritas: n. Latin 1. truth

I have a couple of former acquaintances who seem to have this strange innate need to be right (to an extreme), morally superior, and very public about it. To this end they have, on multiple occasions, taken my words, mischaracterized them, twisted them to say what I did not say,  engaged in name-calling and ad hominem attacks (all of this on multiple social media platforms and on the airwaves), and then proceeded to take a victim stance in the whole situation, bemoaning the loss of a colleague or friendship–one that they pushed away, claimed they lost because they stood so firmly for some “cause”. It’s like a woman having an abortion and crying that she miscarried her baby. It’s disingenuous.

There is nothing truthful about this sort of behavior, nor is there anything in it which will further the Kingdom of God here on Earth.

I have to ask: At what cost are you willing to boost your ratings?

This will be my only statement on the matter.