Morning Devotions LIVE: 10.12.18

UPDATE: Links are posted below. I’m not sure why the videos are not embedding in this post, but I don’t really have more time to spend on trying to make that happen, especially as “morning” is long past! Click on the “” links below and you should be able to see the videos on Periscope, whether or not you have an account. God bless you, and God love you!

I’ll be going LIVE on Twitter this morning! Join me here at @HolyWannabe! I’ll post the link to the video when I’m done. Something of a late start here–the week is catching up with me!

Part I, Divine Office and Mysteries 1-4 of the Most Holy Rosary:

Part II, Mystery 5 of the Most Holy Rosary, Morning Offertory, and Surrender to the Will of God:

Part III, Conclusion, and in which I address some sincere soul’s admonition that I should not be worshiping graven images:

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