Evolution of a Sweater

I’ve been hard at work knitting Ada’s sweater, which is currently on-track to be the first pullover I have ever completed!


Here is a reminder of the Racing Stripes pattern by Knit Picks that it’s based on. The yarn I’m using will not show the cabling on the sleeve well, but the rest of the sweater looked so easy I couldn’t pass it up. As it turns out, the acrylic doesn’t feel so warm (shocker), so I think I’ll make a second one in wool when I’m done with this one.42464984_2114187408646301_8710368086319955968_n




The collar was easy enough. I even figured out how to “magic loop” with my 32″ needles. Now I know I should have gone with 24″ needles.

The next challenge was figuring out how to make the raglan increases. The pattern was very confusing and vague regarding the increases, and I likened it to the “technical challenges” on the Great British Baking Show, where the bakers are given very basic, pared down instructions to complicated recipes, and they’re expected to know what to do with those instructions.  After multiple YouTube videos and some charting out, I  figured out how to knit the next 26 rows. I did this on the first night of the retreat, and really didn’t knit more than a row or two the entire weekend, but I at least had the roadmap figured out.

I thought I had the increase technique figured out, but what I learned from YouTube gave me a nice “seam” on one side of the shoulder, and a goofy “seam”  with little holes on the other. The nice seam was effected by lifting the bar from. behind and knitting in front, and the other by lifting it from the front, and knitting from behind. Those were for the “shoulder side” increases. All increases on the outside of my markers were knit front/back increases. If you have any tips as to what I could have done differently, they are appreciated, especially as I am making another one in wool!


Proud of having gotten past the shoulders, I moved on to the body, and it has progressed very quickly!



Stay tuned for more updates on Ada’s Sweaterpalooza!

2 thoughts on “Evolution of a Sweater

  1. Looking great! Good job on figuring out those raglan increases yourself. That sounds really tricky. I’m in the middle of knitting a similar sweater (child’s, top-down, raglan). I used the pattern “Children’s Neck Down Sweater” by Diane Soucy. It’s a really good pattern and very clear! You might enjoy it for the wool one you’re planning. In any case, best wishes and keep it up. 🙂

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    1. Thank you for the encouragement and the pattern suggestion, Carina! I appreciate it. It’s been a learning curve. The sweater body is now complete and I’m hoping to wrap up the sleeves by tomorrow evening. God bless you!


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