About That Hat…

42295340_541263952975159_2904420605413556224_nI decided to move forward with the hat that Ada did not want. It was a lovely way to spend a Saturday afternoon! I watched documentaries on English queens Isabella and Margaret, Rosemary Kennedy, and Dolly Madison while I knitted my heart out. The pattern was supposed to fit a 3-6 year old. In the end…it barely fits Ada, but she likes it!

It turned out pretty cute, if I do say so myself!

I was so inspired by hat making and the English queens documentary that I thought to myself, “Celeste, it’s time you knit a hat for Kermit,” and I saw the PERFECT hat.

Screen Shot 2018-09-22 at 3.08.00 PM
I mean what 50 year old man doesn’t want to wear a hat that looks like a boppy pillow with drapery hung around it? Anybody got this pattern?

So Ada likes the hat. I asked her if she wants Mommy to make her a sweater and got a resounding head-nod.  Today I started on the sweater. It was supposed to be a matching sweater, however the three times I attempted to cast this yarn on (the Hope Chest one I used for the hat), it broke. That’s too bad! No idea why it broke for the sweater cast-on and not for the hat, but three breaks was enough for me!

I am now using Big Twist Yarns “Sincerely” in the Rainbow Confetti color way. Not fancy yarn, but very cute. I had gotten three or four skeins of it quite some time ago to make something for Ada, but never knew what the right project would be. I was thinking pants. I let her choose between this, and a Caron Yarn Cake, and she chose this one. The pattern is called Racing Stripes by Jennifer Rice and I purchased it on Ravelry. It looks like this (pictures courtesy of Ravelry, see link above):

42464984_2114187408646301_8710368086319955968_nAnd this is the beginnings of the sweater for Ada. If I don’t botch it up too badly, I might make her another sweater in purple tweed or in the yarn cake, which is peach, beige, and cream.

However I must bear in mind I have 2 little boys who have been awaiting their pairs of socks from Mommy. I should show you the completed socks I made for my 13 year old. She’s waited for a long time. The first pair of socks I made for her took me so long to complete, she was nearly grown out of them by the time I finished, so we gave them away as a birthday present to another little girl.

Socks are not necessarily particular to any season, so I really want to get Ada a little sweater while I can. She’s my last little tot of my own to knit for. I shall make great progress on this sweater while on personal retreat this weekend.

God bless and keep you!

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