Sucked Into the Fruity Vortex

No, this isn’t a commentary on the Catholic sex abuse scandal… Just a quick update on my end! I’ve been drowning in fruit! The first two or so gallons of applesauce are nearly consumed. The second has been set aside to freeze for the coming months. I have another gigantic box of apples to attack in the coming days for another couple gallons of applesauce, or dried apples, or whatever we decide to do with them!

Get a load of that gorgeous color in the plum jam! Even St. Charbel can’t keep his eyes off it! I got about 5 cups of this jam in the first batch!

I have made plum/apple jam which has Madeira wine, lemon juice and bits of orange peel in it, and another, oh, probably eight or so pounds of tiny plums to seed and get cooking for more jam, which I will, of course, freeze, because I have absolutely zero canning equipment. That might be a treat for next year. Tonight I will be working on pear ginger jam using the seconds I picked up today.


The wonderful thing about these jams, is that we can put them on pancakes/waffles, sandwiches, in plain yogurt or oatmeal as flavoring. It’s very versatile and so much cheaper than maple syrup, which is what we would buy otherwise. Truth be told, I cannot bear the fake syrups, a la Mrs. Butterworth’s, and might buy something like that at Christmas, since the children think that’s a treat. I am of the opinion that the real food is the treat!

This is my family getting sucked into the Twilight Zone vortex while I’m working on fruit. In this picture you can pick out 8/11 of us (including the shy one by the sliver of red shirt). As soon as they hear the Twilight Zone intro, they appear, one by one…

In any case, if the Musings are far and few between right now, and the news updates aren’t appearing, it’s only because I’m food prepping for the coming months, getting food on the cheap and trying to make sure it will last. This phase will settle down soon and I’ll find my groove here at the blog.

Anyways, I haven’t yet introduced any yarn talk to the blog, and I’m very excited to be bringing that here. Sneak peek: Taking advantage of a sale, I got yarn at Hobby Lobby today to make Ada a hat, sweater and scarf…

Isabel and I looked for something specifically “Ada” and this was the winner, hands down. It has a soft, pretty pink, and that gorgeous elephant gray. Elephants are “Ada’s animal,” but that is a story for another day. Now to pick patterns…

At 30% off I couldn’t resist a little something that caught my eye for myself–


If that isn’t incentive to get the food projects out of the way, I don’t know what is! Okay, I do know. Books.

God bless you, and God love you.

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