The Joys of Applesauce

I made applesauce yesterday and learned something very important: It involves a LOT of stirring, or it will burn even at the lowest temperatures, and it requires more added liquid than I realized. Oh, and the burns from spitting applesauce are as bad as the burns from spitting grits. Who knew!?

Overall it was a success. The children gobbled it up, and the first batch is nearly gone! I have only used about half the apples (see the picture box? That’s the last half), so I’ll be making more today.

To flavor the applesauce I used ginger (added a nice heat), cinnamon, nutmeg, and berry juice. There was also the juice of a whole lemon in there. It’s hard to gauge just how large the pot is, but I assure you it is giganic! My immersion blender was indispensable for the pureeing of the applesauce, for I do not peel the apples. I try to get every bit of nutrition out of everything I cook!

I’ll be sure to get back to the orchard for more boxes of seconds; it’s a deal too good to pass up on these delicious apples. Now to figure out how not to blow through half a bushel of apples in a day…

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