The 9/13/18 Aggregate of Catholic Sex Abuse Articles

Here is a consolidation of important articles regarding the Catholic Church sex abuse crisis. Sharing does not necessarily mean 100% agreement with everything written. I just try to put out as much as I can.

A week of controversy, resignations, rumors, meetings–and mirth? (Don’t miss this one.)

Pope accepts resignation of West Virginia bishop as inquiry into abuse claims launched. (Doggone. I remember when he was installed.)

Archbishop Lori Untrustworthy (a follow-on from the previous article)

After US bishops meet with pope, say they’re looking for “most effective” next steps (Biting my tongue so hard I’m going to have to sew it back on.)

Leaked sex abuse report rocks German church, 3,677 victims. (Despicable. Demonic. Disgusting.)

Bishop Kevin Rhoads of Fort Wayne-South Bend cleared of wrongdoing by district attorney’s investigation. (Good for him.)

Vatican Rocked by Leak of 300-Page Dossier (this looks new, and big)

Pope Francis tells new bishops holiness is “their must urgent task.” (🤨)



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