A Musing on Luke 5:1-11

In this Gospel, Our Blessed Lord commands Peter, “Put out into the deep and let your nets down for a catch.” In obedience, Peter does so, although he had probably already had his nets all clean and put up from an unsuccessful day of work. What happens when Peter obeys? He catches more than his boat can handle. The power of obedience.

19 years ago, Kermit and I were expecting our second little girl. We weren’t practicing our faith when we found out we were expecting her, but we knew we had already committed to raising Maddy Catholic because of her emergency baptism. We just thought we’d, you know, bring her to Mass and just sitstandkneel our way through it, and get her to CCD to fulfill our obligation. No biggie. We knew we weren’t “there” but we had to honor our commitment. God, I imagine, laughed at our willingness to “obey” despite our unbelief.

But at 23 and pregnant with #2 we knew that we could not raise one child Catholic and not the other, for consistency’s sake. So she needed baptism, and we (wrongly, thank goodness) didn’t think the Church would baptize her without our being married in the Church. And they wouldn’t marry us in the Church if we weren’t going to Mass. So, MORE obedience was called for. You see, we knew Maddy would have to eventually start going to Mass, but as she was only 2, and was nowhere near being able to understand (so we thought) such things as faith, we were not bringing her to Mass. We just knew we would be doing it *eventually*. Well *eventually* was moved up by quite a few years, and the late summer/early fall we returned to Mass, and started living by Church teachings, including those which applied to our being unmarried in God’s eyes.

We obeyed, and we trusted, because we sure as heck didn’t know why we were to believe what we were claiming to believe. Although we thought we had life “figured out,” we knew there was much we didn’t know about our faith. We also recognized that our ignorance was not proof of the Church’s falsity. It was just…ignorance. And God had a BIG hurdle to overcome in that respect.

But He did. We obeyed, and cast our nets out…and fell RIGHT INTO THEM. God caught us, and with us, 13 more: 9 with us on earth, and 4 with Him in eternity. And we thank Him for that every single day. The power of obedience.

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